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Our office by Limmatquai is your partner for perfect white teeth and a beautiful shiny smile! Our clinic in Zürich is specialized in dental hygiene and professional tooth bleaching. We exclusively use Power-Bleaching method for a gentle and fast teeth whitening.


Following a thorough consultation, the treatment that best fits your needs and wishes will be underwent by a professional english-speaking dental hygienist with 15 years of experience in Teeth Whitening and Teeth cleaning.


The most common reasons for teeth to get yellow or stained are: tobacco, drinking dark-colored liquids most notably coffee, tea, wine and cola!


Radiant white teeth symbolize health, vitality and smartness. Don't wait to try us!


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Power-Bleaching method is the safest and the fastest way to whiten your teeth again and can only be performed by specialists in practice!


Check our wide range of services specialized in teeth whitening: Power-Bleaching, Partner offers, Fresh-Up, Cosmetic Soft-Bleaching or full-fledged teeth cleaning. 

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