About Power-Bleaching: Teeth Whitening Laser Method

Treatment method

  • We only use the professional and effective bleaching method, the so-called Power-Bleaching
  • Since bleaching gel contains a high concentration of the whitening agent, Power-Bleaching is carefully carried out in our clinic by our certified and experienced dental hygienist to reach optimal results.  Each session is unique, we take into account the individual tooth situation.
  • In the case of Power-Bleaching, the teeth are treated with a whitening agent (25-40% hydrogen peroxide), activated by LED light. Then, oxygen penetrates the tooth enamel and tooth dentin, effectively releasing the discoloring substances from your teeth. 
  • The Power-Bleaching method is the perfect solution for those who want a fast and gentle white teeth
  • An optional professional teeth cleaning provides you with an optimal and long-lasting tooth whitening .  

Treatment schedule

  • Situation analysis and explanatory conversation. 
  • Determination of the desired whitening goal (depending on the individual color and structure of the teeth).
  • Professional tooth polish/cleaning (tooth cleaning only included in the Combination and Fresh-Up packages) to optimize the effect of the brightener agent.
  • Protection of the gums using the application of rubber-like covering material covering material. 
  • Treatment of teeth with professional whitening gel (high-quality bleaching agent with active oxygen). 
  • Irradiation of teeth with special LED light.
  • Intensive fluoridation to desensitize the teeth. 
  • During the treatment, you may relax and watch television.
  • The result is a radiant smile and a long-lasting sentiment of joy.


After the treatment

After the tooth whitening, you should avoid consuming strong coloring food and beverages (e.g. wine, coffee, tea and tobacco) for at least 24 hours to maintain the expected brightening result. 


In the first weeks after the treatment, the teeth are likely to become slightly sensitive to cold. This is normal. The use of a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth is recommended during this period of time.

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